Steps to Take Before You Contact a Recruiter

Steps to Take Before You Contact a Recruiter

Contacting a recruiter is a great way to expand your job search. Getting your resume in front of different hiring managers is crucial to landing a new job. Recruiters at Real Estate Executive Search have connections at a wide range of commercial real estate firms and can help professionals from a broad section of the industry. Although our recruiters have a broad network and know who is hiring, there are a few steps you need to take before you contact a recruiter.

Update Your Resume

Before you contact our recruiters, you need to make sure that you have an updated resume. The resume should show the experience you have gained over the course of your career. It should highlight all of your achievements in each position. Depending on your job, it could be big deals you closed or savings you identified for the company. The achievements and responsibilities you list on your new resume help our recruiters present you to the hiring manager.

Know What Type of Job You Want

Many commercial real estate professionals move around within the industry. Sometimes the change is moving from a property management to being a broker or shifting between property types. However, before you contact one of the recruiters at Real Estate Executive Search, you should have a good idea of what you are looking for as your next position. Once you understand what kind of a job you want to be hired for, our recruiters will be able to present you more effectively. Additionally, you might highlight different parts of your previous experience based on what you want as your next role. You can highlight skills or experiences from previous jobs that you will be able to apply in your new job. Every job in your career path helps you develop professionally whether you learn a software like Yardi or improve your communication skills.

Recruiters Are Hiring for Specific Jobs

You may have seen a position that Real Estate Executive Search was promoting, only to discover that the position was filled. That’s ok. Many of our multifamily and commercial real estate clients throughout the US are looking for similar roles. We always will keep you in mind for the next position that is available. However, we are not the hiring manager. We can only present candidates for the positions that our clients are currently hiring. You might be a great candidate for a number of roles, but hiring manager might have difference criteria. We recommend that candidates keep up their own independent job search outside of the roles we are offering. Recruiters are a tool to help you supplement your hunt for a new job, not a replacement for your job search.

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