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Hiring decisions can have a great impact on your commercial real estate portfolio's success and your company's bottom line. At Real Estate Executive Search, we know how critical it is to hire the right person for the right job. Whether your are hiring for a property level role or an executive, we will identify the best candidate for you. Developers, commercial real estate owners, and property managers across the country have relied on our expertise to help them make the best hiring decisions. We work with you to learn about your company culture and what your ideal candidate looks like so that we can help you hire with confidence. We are so sure that we can locate the right candidate for your available position, that we offer two unmatched guarantees to prove it.
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In 2021, Top 100 Magazine named Richard Birgel one of its Top Executives in Real Estate in recognition of his extensive career assisting multifamily and commercial real estate companies. He has helped owners, developers, property managers, mortgage brokers and more identify and hire the best employees to meet their real estate company's needs.

6 Reasons You Should Choose REES

  • Extensive Recruiting Experience

    We have been a top recruiter for the commercial real estate industry since 2001. Our focus on multifamily owners and investors means we will provide the right candidate for your property whether you have a garden-style, mid-rise or high-rise building.

    We guarantee that we will find the right person with the right experience to suit your team and your property.

  • Strong Industry Reputation

    We have built a reputation for helping companies successfully hire the right person for the right job. Our unique understanding of a candidate's strengths has earned the reputation as one of the best recruiters in the industry.

    We can help you find your next hire for any open position, whether it is in property management, development, accounting, marketing or leasing.

  • Extensive Real Estate Network

    We have developed a vast network of qualified candidates and partners to help you achieve your hiring goals. With 20 years of experience, our network of candidates covers every level of the real estate industry.

    You will benefit from our nationwide talent network, our recruiting experience and the market insights needed to connect a growing firm with remarkable talent.

  • Competitive Fees

    We have some of the most competitive fees and options in the recruiting industry - whether it is a contingency search or a full retainer agreement. Our recruiters make providing ideal candidates to our clients our highest priority.

    Our extensive experience and proven track record means that we can guarantee you will hire the right candidate for your open position.

  • Our Unmatched Guarantees

    We are so confident that we will hire the right person for your role that we offer a Money Back Guarantee and a Replacement Guarantee. No other recruiting firm matches these guarantees.

    Let us take care of the hiring so you can get back to business.

  • Our Proven Process

    We have a proven recruitment process that is tailored to suit each of our client’s unique needs and requirements. We will gain a thorough understanding of your firm’s inner workings and company culture, then we will select top candidates from our network who can excel and lead for you.

We Specialize in Recruiting Commercial
Real Estate Professionals

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Fee Structure and Guarantees

Corporate and Regional Positions

Our fee is 20% of the hired employee's first year base salary compensation

Property Level Positions

Our fee is 10% of the hired employee's first year base salary compensation

Money Back Guarantee

If we place an employee and they are terminated or leave their position for any reason within their first 30 days, Real Estate Executive Search will refund 100% of our fee

Replacement Guarantee

If we place an employee and they are terminated or leave their position for any reason between day 31 and day 90, Real Estate Executive Search will replace the employee at no additional charge to you

No other recruiter has more comprehensive guarantees than Real Estate Executive Search

Let's Work Together

Contact us to discuss your firm’s hiring objectives and timeline,
as well as our qualifications, selection process, fees and guarantees.