Make the Most of Your New Remote Job

Make the Most of Your New Remote Job

Remote working

You made it all the way through the interview process and are starting a new commercial real estate job thanks to Real Estate Executive Search. While you have a great work from home set up in place, that is only part of the battle to succeed with a remote job. All of the things you took for granted in the office need to be added into your routine. But how to do it, especially as you are getting up to speed at your new company? Below are some tips on how to build on your career success.

Learn as Much as Possible

Working in person provides plenty of opportunities to learn more about your new department and the company as a whole just by listening to your coworkers. With remote work, you have to be proactive in learning more about your colleagues. Ask your manager if it is okay to sit in on a different department’s meeting. Ask your coworkers questions. Research commercial real estate trends for the multifamily, retail or office sector. Also, do not be afraid to admit you do not know something.

Set Communications Standards

Ask you manager and the coworkers you will be interacting with the most how they prefer to communicate. Is it email, texts, phone calls, chats or Zooms? Once you know what method they prefer, they will be more receptive to helping you get going in your new position.

Bring Energy to Video Calls

Zoom meetings and video calls can feel longer than regular meetings. As a new hire, you should view these as a chance to listen to a wider range of your colleagues and to learn more about the business. It is important to leave your camera on and show active listening skills while on the call. Bringing energy and enthusiasm for your new role to the meeting will help reenergize your coworkers as well.

Ask for Feedback Regularly

Be sure to ask your manager and coworkers how you are doing. While you are new, no one expects you to know all of the details of your roles. However, you want to make sure you are set up for long-term success. Everyone will be happy to teach as much as you want to learn about the company. When getting feedback from your manager, be sure to ask if there are any aspects of the role they expected you to learn faster or make a bigger impact on. Clear communication will help in the long run.

Be Prepared for a Longer Learning Curve

Getting up to speed in a regular work environment can take more than 90 days after being hired. Do not be surprised that it might take longer in a remote setting. It is harder to know which coworkers are free and able to help without seeing them around the office. Assume that they are willing to help, but might not have time when you first reach out to them.

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