Improve Your Company Culture for $0

Improve Your Company Culture for $0

There is a cheap and effective way to improve your company culture and reduce employee burn-out. Studies show that making this one change can have a positive benefit on your employees and customers alike. Oh, and it costs $0 to implement.

What is this wonder product? Gratitude.

The simple act of thanking your employees for the work they do has been shown to make them happier with their jobs and more productive employees. It is important to make sure that the gratitude is focused on the people who work for you and not on their accomplishments. Gratitude can be more than just thanking people. Other business gratitude ideas include acknowledging hard work on a project even when it did not pan out, have a regular meeting focused on the positive things the company is up to, and being respectful of people’s time.

Although these sound like minor changes, they can have a huge impact on your business. A 2013 study by the John Templeton Foundation found that 93% of people thought that grateful bosses would be more successful. And almost all respondents said that saying “thank you” to colleagues made them feel “happier and more fulfilled” at work. However, only 10% actually acted on that impulse at work. Practicing gratitude at work makes employees and managers happier and more engaged at work. By enhancing the sense of teamwork among your employees, you can improve job performance, reduce sick days and even reduce turnover.

It makes sense that to get true value from your employees, a company’s culture should make them feel valued. However, most companies in the US do not prioritize the easy ways to make people feel valued. While some people are motivated by performance related bonuses or pay, many people are far more engaged when they feel like their hard work is acknowledged by the company.

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