How to Hire the Right Employee: 5 Tips to Avoid Hiring Frustrations

How to Hire the Right Employee: 5 Tips to Avoid Hiring Frustrations

Hiring new employees can be a frustrating and time consuming task. However, with these five tips, you will be able to get through the process faster and get back to making your multifamily, office and retail properties a success.

1. Focus on the Job Description

It is essential to focus on making the job description an accurate depiction of the responsibilities of the position. If the position is replacing a previous employee, it is essential to make sure that the job description covers all of their responsibilities. As employees work for a firm, they tend to shift responsibilities from their official job description. Make sure all of the duties are described in the job description. If it is a new role, what responsibilities are going to be shifted to the new hire? It is important not only to think about the short-term needs, but the long-term strategy. How will the role fit into the rest of the department and the company as a whole?

2. Advertise the Position Broadly

There is more to finding the right candidate than posting the position on job boards and your website. You should let your employees know that you are looking to hire. They may know of a great candidate in their network who is looking for a similar position. Real estate industry professionals tend to have very broad networks covering a wide range of potential employees. You should also promote the position through your firm’s social networks. Let your firm’s network of connections also help drive great candidates for your hiring consideration.

3. Review Resumes Carefully

Reviewing the resumes carefully is critical to identifying the right person to hire. Even though this is a very time consuming process, this is essential to identifying the a number of potential candidates to hire. Resumes can show all of the technical skills a candidate has as well as communication and writing skills. They can also show what kind of an impact the job candidate had in previous roles. By analyzing the resumes closely, you can learn more about each applicant and determine which ones are the best candidates for your job opening.

4. Have Real Conversations with Candidates

As tempting as it is to ask candidates a uniform set of questions, that will not give you a great sense of who they are. Anyone you hire will be working for your firm, representing it to the world and sitting in your offices at least part time. It is essential that you make sure that the candidate is not only a fit for the skills but will blend in with your team. Open ended questions that let the candidate show you who they are in addition to their skills are a great way to start a conversational interview. By staying friendly and engaged while asking similar questions of all of the candidates, you will be able to determine who to hire for your real estate company.

5. Hire Real Estate Executive Search

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